About James



My passions have always run deep and wide and my love of photography is the umbrella for it all. When I'm not viewing the world through my lens I can be found cultivating and pickling everything under the sun, cooking rustic meals over wood fires, restoring antique houses and frolicking with my wife, daughter, and golden retriever in Central Park. My camera is my constant muse, enticing me to create authentic breathtaking imagery.

  I’m based in New York City, and I’ve created images for advertising agencies and corporations on six continents for 25 years. From sunrise on tropical beaches in Maui (Hyatt Resorts) to hovering 2,000 feet above a ship laying fiberoptic cables in the Gulf of Mexico (Tyco International) to the windswept oilfields of the Bakken Shale in North Dakota (Hess Oil) to the sandstone arches in Utah (Ford Explorer) to single malt tastings in the Scottish Highlands (The Glenlivet). I’ve got the best job in the world!

  My camera abruptly refocused itself five years ago with the birth of my daughter Zoe! I could finally “see” all the little people (babies, toddlers, tweens and teens) in a fresh light. I began to interact, engage and play with kids, through smiles and tears, silly time to sleepy time. My distinct visual poetry is multilayered and organic. Knowing when to click is only part of it, anticipating the action and the unfolding narrative is part of my DNA. My instincts kick in, freezing tiny moments that linger only fractions of a second. 

  When I’m not shooting for corporate or advertising clients, I might be wrangling kids and parents for a romping photoshoot in Central Park. My NYC studio also becomes the set where I create engaging portraits of kids, artists, actors, adults and executives. I’m a story teller at heart, so whether they’re ads in a magazine, picture libraries for a corporation, portraits on a website, spreads in an annual report, prints on the wall, or books on the table — that’s the proof. Successfully capturing ephemeral photographic moments for my clients is a thrilling adventure. 

  I’d love to discuss your next photo project. Lets talk.